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The Newest Addiction: Computers

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Joining the list of most common addictions (with overwhelming approval), come Computers! Housing the central network for this millenniums most intelligent life, the World Wide Web, computers have quickly become one of the most “on-the-rise” addictions of this century.

The term Computer Addiction is used to describe a dependency on one’s computer. Computer Addiction is not limited to personal computers (PCs). It covers video games and the Internet and has already been given a label by psychologists, namely Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD).


Webster’s Concise Dictionary defines this type of an addiction as “a habit so strong that one cannot give it up.”

Its like will it ever end? The world is already filled with enough addictions and substances, now we have a virtual cyberspace where more and more people who are coming out of the generation of the ‘sex, drugs and rock and rollers’ of the 80s (as if there weren’t ENOUGH problems developed from that), can escape into a world of warped reality where they can immerse themselves in a new virtual, identity.

Computer Addiction is quickly racing through colleges and university’s across the country faster than the kegs can be delivered causing young grad GPAs to drop as their lack of effort rises. What can begin as a simple reliance on Internet accessibility can develop into something far more serious.

The warning signs of Internet addiction include becoming preoccupied with thoughts of using the computer and becoming dishonest about actual time spent on the computer. For most Internet addicts, the most alarming sign becomes apparent when Internet usage begins to affect other aspects of their lives in a negative way.

Treatment MUST begin with recognizing that there is a problem.  Overcoming denial should be followed by other treatment steps, including but not limited to:


Maybe its not you that has the Computer Addiction, maybe its one of your friends or family members with the computer obsession.

How many Myspace friends you have, how many people you know on Facebook or how many random people you were able to hook up with online, doesn’t really matter in the end. Computer Addiction is one of the largest Addiction around today. Being one of the most accessible indulgences, it makes it close to immpossible to resist.

The Addiction creeps up on those who dont expect it. Coming face-to-face with your Addiction is important for your Recovery.  Dont continue to waste anymore of your life on the computer. It wont be there to comfort you when your down or feeling lonely at night.

Written by Daniel

January 9, 2009 at 8:21 am

2 Responses

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  1. This was a very informative read… It gave me a fresh look at the terrifying grip computers have on our society. This article really gave a change to my ideals about modern day addictions. Im very glad to have stumbled upon this blog!

    Hildeguard Deveraux

    January 9, 2009 at 11:17 am

  2. What a great article, yet again. I’m honest to admit I am well beyond college age but I see in myself the precise symptoms you mentioned. I wish I could find a support group for computer addiction in my area, perhaps I haven’t dug hard enough. Your article helped me realize my issues are bigger then they appear.


    January 9, 2009 at 4:31 pm

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