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Stories of Hope: Gary’s Story

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In the height of my addiction, I felt like I was just an empty shell.  My life made no difference.  I lived day to day just to feed the beast that had consumed my life.  I was a body that did drugs, that’s it.  I had no feelings and I had no faith.  I believe it was this lack of faith that let the devil creep into my life and take it’s hold.  

God wasn’t in my life at that time but heroin was.  At first I was a high functioning addict.  I was able to keep a job, have a car and a place to live.  I could “control” my addiction.  I was using to keep from having to deal with my feelings, my disappointments and my sadness.  As I started using more, one by one I began losing what little I had in my life.  I lost the job, sold the car to buy drugs and eventually got evicted from my apartment.  The devil had his death grip on me completely and I went along for the ride.

I was living life on the streets.  I was filthy, I was scavenging meals out of dumpsters and begging to scam together just enough money for that next fix.  One night as I sat shivering on the corner, a van pulled up to me and a woman got out with a peanut butter sandwich and a blanket.  She sat down and asked if I wanted a bit to eat. 

As I sat with her, I began telling her about my life right up until that point.  It was cathartic and I believe one of God’s angels was sitting next to me that night, comforting me in her wings.  This lady took me to a clinic where I was able to shower and get a fresh set of clothes.  

It was at this time that I began to learn the true meaning of faith and accept a higher power into my life.  I’m not sure my recovery would have started had I not filled the hole in my life with faith.  It’s not easy to battle the devil, but if you have the Lord in your life, he will show you the way.

Written by Daniel

February 17, 2009 at 7:00 am

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