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A Guide to Recovery Programs

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I’m not proud of where I have been, but I am very proud of where I am and where my life is going. If opening myself up to my past and helping others learn from it can save them from the nightmares and the horror stories addiction used to cloud my life, then it’s an exercise well worth doing in my opinion.

One of the things I was most nervous about when I started trying to get clean was deciding  which rehab would be right for me. I had a lot of wrong ideas back then but now having done it I’m hoping I can help you find a place that’s worth your time and will give you the attention you deserve.

Here is the 12 things you should think about when deciding on an alcohol or substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program according to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment:

1. Does the program accept your insurance? You can’t put a price on sobriety but you can make sure that the center you choose is affordable and willing to work with you.

2. Is the program run by licensed and/or trained professionals?Your care is only going to be as good as the people who are assisting you with it.

3. Is the facility clean, organized and well-run? If the people at the rehab can’t take care of the rehab, there’s a good chance you can find someplace else that will do a better job taking care of you. Look around with open eyes and find a place of peace.

4. Does the program handle all of your needs: (medical: including infectious diseases; psychological; social; vocational; legal; etc.)? Addiction is a complicated disease and untangling the web you are stuck it requires many solutions, not just one.

5. Does the treatment program also address sexual orientation and physical disabilities. As well as providing age, gender and culturally appropriate treatment services? Your identify is unique and the center needs to be able to provide the care YOU need.

6. Is long-term aftercare and guidance encouraged, provided and maintained? Getting sober is only the first step in getting better. You’ll want a rehab facility that stays with you for the long haul.

7. Is there ongoing assessment of an individual’s treatment plan to ensure it meets changing needs? As you move through each phase of your treatment you’ll notice your needs change and your treatment needs to keep pace with that.

8. Does the program employ strategies to engage and keep individuals in longer-term treatment, increasing the likelihood of success? You didn’t become an addict in one day and you aren’t going to become healthy in one day either.

9. Does the program offer counseling (individual and group) and other behavioral therapies to enhance the individual’s ability to function in the family/community? Staying sober in rehab isn’t easy, but it’s a lot easier than staying sober after you get back home. Make sure your program is ready to help with that transition.

10. Does the program offer medication as part of the treatment regimen, if appropriate? Some patients benefit from a wide range of addiction inhibitors including antibuse or methadone. Be sure your rehab center is fully equipped.

11. Is there ongoing monitoring of possible relapse to help guide patients back to abstinence? If you learn nothing else from me… always remember this, you can’t be your own sponsor just like you can’t be your own shadow!

12. Are services or referrals offered to family members to ensure they understand addiction and the recovery process to help them support the recovering individual? Addiction is a disease. It doesn’t only affect the addict, it affects everyone you know and interact with. Make sure the treatment includes your loved ones, they need help healing too!

Written by Daniel

February 25, 2009 at 7:00 am

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