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Continuing your Journey toward Self Awareness

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The better you understand yourself, the better you are able to accept or change who you are. Being in the dark about yourself means that you will continue to get caught up in your own internal struggles and allowed outside forces to mold and shape you.

Surrounding yourself with positive things to do and people to be around is important to becoming Self- Aware. Pick positive people to open up to when trying to improve self awareness and you will begin to find it easier to cope with life after Recovery. Learn about choosing safe people to open up to in this video continuation.

Self-awareness is the concept that one exists as an individual, separate from other people, with private thoughts and individual rights. It may also include the understanding that other people are similarly self-aware.

Self-awareness is a self-conscious state in which attention focuses on oneself. It makes people more sensitive to their own attitudes and dispositions.

Written by Daniel

February 26, 2009 at 7:00 am

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