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Wrestler Ric Flair’s Son, Richard Fliehr, Busted for Heroin in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Richard Fliehr

A couple days ago, wsoctv.com reported that the son of WWF legend Ric Flair was arrested in North Carolina on Sunday by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police for possession of heroin. 21-year-old, Richard Fliehr, was reportedly charged with felony possession of narcotics and driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license. Last news, was that Richard Fliehr was released on bond shortly thereafter.

According to TMZ, this is the first time Ric Flair’s son has had a run in with the law; apparently, he was previously arrested for driving while impaired last month (March). Last year, Flair’s daughter, Ashley Fliehr, was arrested during some kind of domestic dispute that involved a fight her father and a police officer. Her father didn’t press charges, but Ashley was eventually charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

Written by Daniel

April 29, 2009 at 3:31 pm

DMX to Appear on New Season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? Maybe Not…

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DMX Celebrity Rehab

Over the weekend, rumors began to sprout wildly about the internet that rapper DMX had been the first celebrity to voluntarily sign up for the upcoming, third season of VH1’s hit addiction recovery series, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. However, those claims have since been denied by DMX’s publicist, Pam Pinnock, who responded to any such allegations of appearances on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show by saying: “Several media outlets have reported that my client Earl Simmons, aka DMX has signed on to appear in VH1’s Celebrity Rehab reality show. These reports are false and Mr. Simmons has not agreed to appear in any reality show. Mr. Simmons is currently serving a 90 day jail sentence at Tent City Jail in Arizona.”

So, despite the hundreds of internet news sources that leaped blindly to conclusions, let’s recap the valuable lesson learned with some DMX lyrics, “Stop drop shut ’em down open up shop.” Enough Said. No, seriously, we all hope that while DMX completes his 90-day jail sentence for drug possession, amongst other things, he is able to get real help. We’d much rather see him being successful as a rapper, than doing time in the Arizona State Prison System. Besides, maybe he’ll be able to reach out to youths through his lyrics and convey the gravity and consequences of drug addiction. Still, it seems that DMX has a long way to go, as reports trickle in of his refusal to cooperate on work duties and medical treatment, as well as a charge (while doing time) of aggravated assault for throwing a lunch tray at a C.O. All recovering addicts know the course is a long fought process, and we wish DMX the best.

Site Review: AA Blog (theaablog.com)

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The AA Blog is a comprehensive site that provides the latest and most relevant addiction recovery information, which caters specifically to those who are actively in recovery or seeking to enter into recovery. Additionally, the AA Blog (theaablog.com) features in depth reviews of treatment centers across the country like Cliffside Malibu, as well as international recovery news and AA fellowship events and meeting information.

After having clicked through several articles and pages, it seemed that the AA blog does a really good job of providing thought provoking news while maintaining loyalty to the traditions of the AA 12 Steps Program. It was also clear to see that the AA Blog acts in serving the recovery community by providing scientific statistical information gathered from government websites and compiled in an easily accessible and simple-to-understand format. I was very surprised to see how active regular readers of the AA Blog were in consistently leaving their thoughts about the articles in the provided comment boxes.

I would recommend to anyone that is seeking helpful information on alcoholism and alcohol recovery to go check out the AA Blog on a regular basis. Nowadays it can be difficult to find reliable sources of information on the internet, but it seems to me that the AA Blog is dedicated to delivering such information on a daily basis to anyone in the recovery community.

Written by Daniel

April 28, 2009 at 5:00 am

2009 Prism Award Winners

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Prism Awards

Last night marked the 13th Annual Prism Awards, which were held at Beverly Hill Hotel in Beverly Hills, California and presented by The Entertainment Industry Council.  For those unfamiliar with the Prism Awards, they are the equivalency of the Oscars and the Grammys but for outstanding achievement in the “accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction, as well as mental health issues, in film, television, interactive, comic book, music, and DVD entertainment,” according to the awards website.

After it was all said and done, some winners included: Anne Hathaway in the category of  Performance in a Feature Film for Rachel Getting Married; Benjamin Bratt in the category of Performance in a Drama Multi-episode Storyline for his part in The Cleaner; A & E’s Intervention won in the category of Unscripted Non-Fiction Program for Season 4; Lastly, In the category of Music Recording, Richie Supa won for his single In the Rooms, which was written especially for the new social networking website dedicated to connecting recovering addicts around the globe, also called “In the Rooms.”

For those interested in catching Richie Supa’s performance of In the Rooms and all other performances and presentations that were part of the 2009 Prism Awards, it will be aired later this year (September 26) on FX channel.

Jimmy Smith Arrested for Crack, Cocaine, and Marijuana Possession

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Earlier this week, ex-receiver, Jimmy Smith, who played 10 seasons on the Jacksonville Jaguars, was arrested in Florida after he was pulled over for excessively-tinted windows and found in possession of Crack, Cocaine, and Marijuana. Additionally, Smith was charged with knowingly operating a vehicle with a suspended, canceled or revoked license.

Throughout the span of his career, Jimmy Smith was selected five times to the pro bowl. His stats include 862 receptions, more than 12,000 receiving yards and 67 touchdowns. Nonetheless, the recent drug-related problem wasn’t the first of its kind for Smith. In 2003, Smith was suspended four games for having violated the NFL’s substance-abuse policy and subsequently spent time in a rehab treatment center.

However, just last year, Smith faced DUI charges after cops pulled him over for being intoxicated and found traces of marijuana during the traffic-stop investigation. Yesterday morning, Smith appeared before a Duval County judge. He is currently out on an $11,500 bond and awaiting further court appearances for the pending charges of Crack Cocaine and Marijuana possession.

Written by Daniel

April 24, 2009 at 5:00 am

Richie Supa: “In the Rooms” Song Nominated for 13th Annual Prism Awards

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Prism Awards

Richie Supa is up for a 2009 Prism Award nomination, tomorrow, for his single “In the Rooms.”  Supa wrote the track for the new social networking website, for recovering addicts, which is called In the Rooms.  Although it has only been around for eight months, the website made ripples in the media pool when it was featured last month on NBC 6.

For those who aren’t familiar with Richie Supa, the world-renowned rock star has been recording music and performing across the US and the globe for over thirty years.  His most recognized work was as lead guitarist for Aerosmith and his compilations along side Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi.  In the Rooms was written and recorded by Supa earlier this year and, shortly there after, nominated for a 2009 Prism Award.  As a recovering addict, Riche Supa has openly endorsed the social networking site, In the Rooms, since its inception.

The 2009 Prism Awards won’t be aired for public viewing until September 26, 2009 on FX channel, but please find the video of Richie Supa’s “In the Rooms” below.

New Eminem Album “Relapse” Addresses his Addiction

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XXL magazine recently published an interview with Eminem, where he shared his sentiments on the death of D12 rap-group member, Proof, and the subsequent drug binge that followed.  In the interview, Eminem said: “I just went into such a dark place that, with everything, the drugs, my thoughts, everything.  And the more drugs I consumed — and it was all depressants I was taking — the more depressed I became, the more self-loathing I became.”

Eminem’s fellow D12 member, Proof, was killed in 2006 in a shooting.  Eminem addressed the overwhelming emotions he was feeling at the time, saying: “The way I felt was almost like it happened to just me. It just blindsided me. I’m just now at the point where I’m better talking about it. It took me so long to get out of that place where I couldn’t even speak about it without crying or wanting to cry.”

In the interview, Eminem also admittedly confessed that the recent three year lapse in his music career was the result of his drug addiction: “I wasn’t ready mentally. I wasn’t ready to give up drugs. I spent the next three years struggling with it. At that time, I felt like I wanted to pull back, because my drug problem had got so bad. I felt like, Maybe if I take a break, maybe this will help.”

Eminem’s new Album, “Relapse,” will be the only album he’s released in the last five years.  Keep an eye out, it is to hit music outlets May 19 and should be a much better window in to the little bit Eminem shared with XXL on Proof’s death and his personal testament of addiction.

Written by Daniel

April 22, 2009 at 5:00 am