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Spike TV Show DEA Completes Second Season

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Tuesday, March 31, marked the season finale of Spike TV show DEA, and after two successful seasons, it’s no wonder that the program has sat itself comfortably amongst the premiere drug-related, reality-TV shows.  The Spike TV show DEA went into production three years ago under Al Roker’s production company, Size 12 Productions; yeah, Good Morning America’s Al Roker.  The original concept was to deliver the most provocative, drug-related, reality-TV show ever.  To date, the unscripted Spike TV show DEA has been praised for its insightful window into the world of the Drug Enforcement Agency and the methods that it utilizes in order to combat the dark underworld of drug mafias. The show takes place mainly in Detroit, but various episodes have been based in New Jersey.

For those who are interested, check out the website: DEA, which features full-length, episode viewing.  Also, here is an episode guide to some of the Season 2 highlights, so you can check out the recently-passed episodes of the intense, Spike TV show DEA, in case any sound interesting:

Episode 1: The Six Million Dollar Heroin Bust; Episode 5: Flip The Stripper; Episode 4: The Million Dollar Money Drop; Episode 6: Drug Dealing Deli; Episode 3: DEA vs. The Juarez Cartel; Episode 2: Showdown With the Columbian Drug

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  1. i am always comedy and science fiction TV shows at home and at work :

    Optoisolator :

    October 30, 2010 at 5:03 pm

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