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Wrestler Andrew “Test” Martin’s Death Confirmed as Overdose

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As of two days ago (Saturday April 11), the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office in Tampa, Florida, confirmed the cause of professional WWE wrestler Andrew “Test” Martin’s death as the result of an Oxycodone overdose.  The startling report comes a month after the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department found Martin’s lifeless body in his condominium, along with steroids and painkillers.  They were called after a neighbor noticed that Martin had not moved from the couch for several hours.

The sad news comes after the fact that last August Andrew Martin seemed to have successfully completed treatment for a painkiller addiction he’d been fighting for several years.  The WWE had sent Martin to the Hanley Center of Recovery in West Palm Beach for rehabilitation after several DUIs and the failing of a drug screening, as part of the WWE’s testing policy that led Martin to lose his WWE contract.  In an interview, Andrew Martin’s father was quoted saying that his son’s apparent recovery seemed “quite successful” to everyone. 

Martin had been attending fellowship recovery programs and resumed his wrestling career earlier this year with several professional matches in Japan.  He was also scheduled to appear in a series of fighting events in Belgium and France that were scheduled to take place later this year. Funeral services for 33-year-old Andrew “Test” Martin will be held in his hometown of Whitby, Ontario on April 25.

Written by Daniel

April 12, 2009 at 7:40 pm

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