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In the Rooms featured on NBC 6 Video Miami, Fl.

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The new social networking website, In the Rooms, was recently featured on NBC 6 in Miami, Fl.  The piece was featured on the morning newscast as part of anchor Joe Carter’s segment called, Carter’s Clicks.  In the introduction, Joe Carter poses the question, “what if there was a social networking site out there that was was 100% clean, one that was positive all the time and that even had the potential to save lives.”

The segment goes on to interview two recovering addicts, who credit part of the recent success of their rehabilitation to In the Rooms.  It then goes on to interview, founders Kenny Pomerance and Ron Tannenbuam, who say “We started this site because both of us had been in long-term recovery for over twenty-five years, and we thought it was time that the world saw how successful people are in recovery.”

The full In the Rooms segment, as viewed on NBC 6 in Miami, Fl. can be viewed by clicking on the video clip box below.

Written by Daniel

April 18, 2009 at 5:00 am

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