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DMX to Appear on New Season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? Maybe Not…

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DMX Celebrity Rehab

Over the weekend, rumors began to sprout wildly about the internet that rapper DMX had been the first celebrity to voluntarily sign up for the upcoming, third season of VH1’s hit addiction recovery series, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. However, those claims have since been denied by DMX’s publicist, Pam Pinnock, who responded to any such allegations of appearances on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show by saying: “Several media outlets have reported that my client Earl Simmons, aka DMX has signed on to appear in VH1’s Celebrity Rehab reality show. These reports are false and Mr. Simmons has not agreed to appear in any reality show. Mr. Simmons is currently serving a 90 day jail sentence at Tent City Jail in Arizona.”

So, despite the hundreds of internet news sources that leaped blindly to conclusions, let’s recap the valuable lesson learned with some DMX lyrics, “Stop drop shut ’em down open up shop.” Enough Said. No, seriously, we all hope that while DMX completes his 90-day jail sentence for drug possession, amongst other things, he is able to get real help. We’d much rather see him being successful as a rapper, than doing time in the Arizona State Prison System. Besides, maybe he’ll be able to reach out to youths through his lyrics and convey the gravity and consequences of drug addiction. Still, it seems that DMX has a long way to go, as reports trickle in of his refusal to cooperate on work duties and medical treatment, as well as a charge (while doing time) of aggravated assault for throwing a lunch tray at a C.O. All recovering addicts know the course is a long fought process, and we wish DMX the best.

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  1. I always hated this guy.. he is more of a thug than a rapper… ad forget about “musician” he is getting what is comin to him for sure.


    May 2, 2009 at 5:31 pm

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