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Reverend Run’s Son, JoJo Simmons, Arrested for Marijuana Possession

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JoJo Simmons Marijuana Possesion

As reported in BET and several other sources, JoJo Simmons, son of rapstar legend Joseph “Run” Simmons of RUN DMC, was arrested in New York for Marijuana Possession. JoJo Simmons, just 19-years-old, was actually apprehended in his vehicle while trying to use the marijuana. According to reports, once approached by NYPD, JoJo Simmons attempted to flee from police almost hitting one cop in the process.

According to BET, Reverend Run’s Son, JoJo Simmons, was officially charged with: “criminal use of drug paraphernalia, possession of Marijuana, resisting arrest and attempted reckless endangerment.” BET also published Reverend Run’s only response thus far about the incident, which was posted on his Twitter: “You can learn many things from your Children…(Patience for instance!).”

JoJo Simmons was one of Joseph “Run” Simmons (RUN DMC) children that often appeared on the Reality TV, “Run’s House show.” Run’s House dealt with everyday occurrences in Reverend Run’s house. At times, during the show, it often seemed like Reverend Run was quite strict with JoJo, frequently keeping a vigilant eye on him. That being said, the latest incident seems very out of place for the Simmons’ family.

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  1. I dont smoke pot but it should be legal its good for your nerves backpain dealing with everyday stress in this messed up world its not that big a deal


    January 30, 2011 at 7:47 am

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