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A&E Obsessed TV Series Premiere

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Obsessed TV Series

On Memorial Day (May 25th, 2009), A & E will premiere the latest installment of their “Original Non-Fiction TV Series,” called “Obsessed.” Similar to their hit TV show “Intervention,” A&E Obsessed will also portray a very realistic (uncut), documentary-style TV Series that deals with treatment. The difference is that instead of dealing with addiction, “Obsessed” deals with the mental health condition, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

As part of an eleven episode TV Series, A & E Obsessed will air weekly at 10pm ET/PT. Each TV Show will be an hour long and focus on a different person living with anxiety disorders, including Panic Disorder, Hoarding and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

For those unfamiliar with OCD, the DSM says it is “characterized by obsessions (which cause marked anxiety or distress) and/or compulsions (which neutralize anxiety).” Often, a symptom of people living with OCD is uncontrollable rituals of repetition such as, hand washing, door locking, counting, and cleaning often. If the ritual is not performed, it only results in further anxiety.


Soccer Player Roman Bednar Suspended After Cocaine Bust

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Roman Bednar Cocaine

Goal.com is reporting that Czech Republic, soccer sensation Roman Bednar of the West Bromwich Albion (UK league) recently made headlines when he was busted buying approximately $650.00 worth of cocaine. Bednar was suspended from the UK soccer club as a result of his arrest.

According to reports the cocaine was purchased by Roman Bednar just down the street from his residence. Tabloids are also reporting that Bednar’s wife delivered him more drugs during practice earlier in the week. Goal.com also reported another incident in which Bednar bought five grams of cocaine and some marijuana also close to his home.

Based on the reports, there is no doubt that Roman Bednar has a serious drug problem. Anyone who goes through the kind of risks he is undertaking is obviously addicted and not considering the backlash of their actions. We here at DanJ09 just hope that Roman Bednar can get help soon.

Jeremy Mayfield Refuses Rehab

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Jeremy Mayfield Rehab

Jeremy Mayfield is back in the news again. This time, Mayfield is claiming that NASCAR never officially informed him of the drug he tested positive for, which resulted in an indefinite suspension. However, NASCAR is disputing Mayfield’s claim, saying they informed him three times since results were confirmed. NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said: “All NASCAR members who violate the policy, including Jeremy, are notified of the substance that caused the failure.”

To date, Jeremy Mayfield is denying ever having used illegal substances, under NASCAR’s standard. Further, Mayfield is insisting that his positive result, for the substance in question, was the result of Claritin D.

Still, NASCAR officials have made it clear that lifting Mayfield’s suspension would be contingent upon completing a required rehab program. Basically, NASCAR sets up the program, according specific needs required to overcome the specific drug, and the NASCAR member must voluntarily finish the rehab program to be considered for reinstatement. Jeremy Mayfield still refuses, saying: ‘I’m not going to rehabilitation,” adding, “Why would I?”

LA Times Reports No HCG in Manny Ramirez Drug Test

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Manny Ramirez DHEA

The LA Times is reporting today that MLB has bungled the suspension of Manny Ramirez because no HCG was found in Manny’s system; HCG was the illegal substance that MLB had originally claimed Ramirez tested positive for, which warranted Manny’s suspensionMLB’s logic for the suspension was that Manny Ramirez had a prescription for HGC and suspended him on this basis without yet having received the drug test results.

Nonetheless, Manny is not out of the clear.  The LA Times is also reporting that Manny Ramirez had between 4 to 10 times the normal amounts of testosterone in his system.  The source that gave the LA Times all the info is also claiming that the testosterone is not natural, but rather, synthetic.  If this is in fact the case, the only possibility of synthetic testosterone at that level in Manny Ramirez system would undoubtedly point to steroids use.

However, the LA Times is also reporting that Manny will argue that the elevated levels of testosterone were due to DHEADHEA is considered an illegal substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency; however, DHEA is not considered an illegal substance by MLB, which theoretically would put Manny Ramirez in the clear.  Manny Ramirez is to meet with the Dodgersmanger Joe Torre in Miami this weekend.

Marshal University Football Players Plead Guilty to Possession of Marijuana

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Huntingtonnews.net recently reported that two starters of the Marshall University football team entered guilty pleas to possession of Marijuana charges this last Monday May 11th.  The two Marshall University football players implicated are Darius Marshall and DeQuan Starling.  The judge that oversaw the cases, Magistrate Darrell Black, sentenced both players to six months of unsupervised probation.  Under current state law, both players will be able to remove any record of the cases upon completion of probation.

Originally, the two players were busted by police while smoking marijuana in a curbside parked car.  The nature of the crime would have warranted that the incident be treated as a felony rather than a misdemeanor, but as admitted by both players, they “dodged a bullet.” However, the Marshall University football players weren’t as lucky on the filed as both were suspended indefinitely from playing.  Before the incident, tailback Darius Marshall was considered an NFL prospect, leading the team last year in rushing with 1,117 yards and five touchdowns, but it will be unclear as tohow severely the situation will affect him until he comes up for the draft.  Here at DanJ09, we wish the two football players the best and hope they are able to get help and return to the game soon.

NASCAR Driver Jeremy Mayfield Suspended for Substance Abuse

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Jeremy Mayfield Substance Abuse

NASCAR Driver Jeremy Mayfield was suspended last week for violating the sports substance abuse policy after he tested positive for an illegal substance during a random drug screening. NASCAR just implemented random testing this year. Also suspended were crew members Tony Martin (#34 team) and Ben Williams (#16 team).

Jeremy Mayfield has been suspended indefinitely from NASCAR for the violation, which spells major problems for his team as he not only the driver but the owner of the #41 car. Ironically, the first person to ever be suspended for violating NASCAR’s new substance abuse policy was none other than Jeremy Mayfield’s crew member, Paul Chodora.

At this point, Jeremy Mayfield is claiming that he is innocent and that the violation was the result of his mixing Claritin D with other medications. J.J. Yeley will replace Mayfield as the driver of the #41 car this weekend in the 40-lap qualifying race of the Sprint Showdown at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Mayfield’s wife, Shana Mayfield, assumes his role as team owner.

Reverend Run’s Son, JoJo Simmons, Arrested for Marijuana Possession

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JoJo Simmons Marijuana Possesion

As reported in BET and several other sources, JoJo Simmons, son of rapstar legend Joseph “Run” Simmons of RUN DMC, was arrested in New York for Marijuana Possession. JoJo Simmons, just 19-years-old, was actually apprehended in his vehicle while trying to use the marijuana. According to reports, once approached by NYPD, JoJo Simmons attempted to flee from police almost hitting one cop in the process.

According to BET, Reverend Run’s Son, JoJo Simmons, was officially charged with: “criminal use of drug paraphernalia, possession of Marijuana, resisting arrest and attempted reckless endangerment.” BET also published Reverend Run’s only response thus far about the incident, which was posted on his Twitter: “You can learn many things from your Children…(Patience for instance!).”

JoJo Simmons was one of Joseph “Run” Simmons (RUN DMC) children that often appeared on the Reality TV, “Run’s House show.” Run’s House dealt with everyday occurrences in Reverend Run’s house. At times, during the show, it often seemed like Reverend Run was quite strict with JoJo, frequently keeping a vigilant eye on him. That being said, the latest incident seems very out of place for the Simmons’ family.